I Wanted to be a Cowgirl

I’d like to call to your attention to the fact that the name of this blog is The Random Brain of Indiana Jayne.  RANDOM.  There’s been nothing random about what I’ve posted so far, so I’m going to take a step away from the cooking and introduce some of my other obsessions: fashion, crafting and remaking the rules of the world to suit myself:*

Hear ye, hear ye!  Lady Indiana of Jayne,  Chief Arbiter of Acceptability of the Westfold of Michigan, doth hereby abolish Casual Attire Fridays!  Forthwith and hereafter, all Fridays shall be known as Any-Attire Fridays!  It shall please the Lady that one and all shall dress themselves in the manner to suit their own fancy.  Yea though that fancy may be to portray a Roman Centurion or a playful kitten or the robot Plex or even a kitchen appliance – all manner of genitally opaque apparel shall be allowed!  Rejoice as a new world of creative self reinterpretation is manifested!**

Vintage Capezio Cowboy Boots

Anyway, back to the subject at hand.  I do like to play Adult Dress-Up occasionally so I have some fairly ridiculous articles of clothing in my wardrobe, like these cowboy boots here.  I found them at the Salvation Army in Grand Rapids a couple of years ago and had to have them.  Yes, they are Capezios and so not real cowboy boots but they served their purpose.  I didn’t really want to be a Cowgirl, I just wanted to play one for a while.

That summer I wore them maybe 10 times total.  Sometimes with jeans, sometimes with calico skirts.  I even had a cowboy hat.  My Cowgirl phase passed by the time winter rolled around, but the boots persisted, gathering dust and taking up space in my dressing room.***  Every now and then I would pull them out and prance around the house, maybe do a little Achy Breaky routine in the kitchen after a glass or two of wine, but the Cowgirl spirit no longer moved me to put together a whole ensemble and hit the town . . .

until now, that is!

I was planning on sending these bad boys back from whence they came until I found I found inspiration for their transformation on Jen Ell’s Revenge!  How awesome is that?!  So, I made a few trips to the second-hand stores for bits and baubles and got to work:

Boot Refashion Supplies

Second-Hand Leather Belts

Second-Hand Baubles****

I followed Jen Ell’s instructions pretty faithfully, including changing the color of the inside of the boots – but I used a combination of Cordovan and brown shoe polishes instead of paint.  I know you are dying to see the results:

Final Cowboy Boot Refashion

I jingle jangle jingle!

I think they turned out awesome!  My Cowgirl dreams have been resurrected – and now you know what I’m wearing to Any-Attire Friday Christmas 2011 Edition!


* Insert maniacal villain laughter here.

** Insert arms upraised in victory to crowds roaring approval here.

*** Yes, I have a whole room just for my clothes – don’t judge!

**** Some of those baubles were actually found among my stash of jewelry odds and ends.  Specifically, the spiral earring and the pressed pennies.  I freaking LOVE pressed pennies.


2 responses to “I Wanted to be a Cowgirl

  1. Oh my word, those boots are SO COOL! Sad I won’t get to see them this Friday – I’m hoping those make it to a couple Fridays before this phase passes.

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