So Long 2011

I’m going to miss you!  After a disastrous 2010, you were actually a pretty good year.   Sure, there were some ups* and downs**, but overall you exceeded expectations.  Not only that, you seem to have been a year for setting up some exciting things in 2012.

Which brings me to 2012.


I’ve got big plans for you, so brace yourself!

As for the can of tomatoes that somehow got dropped on my face first thing this morning, I’m going to go ahead an forget that it happened.  I know you didn’t mean it.

New Year Peppers***

* My nephew being born, buying a new car, beach time, camping, making new friends, spending time with old friends and family, lots of cooking and crafting and wine.

**  Car breaking down while out-of-state, refrigerator breaking down while out-of-state, vet bills, saying goodbye to old friends, too much wine.

*** These have nothing to do with this post other than they are pretty.  I got them yesterday off of the “Excess Produce” cart hidden in the back of the produce section at Meijer.  Already roasted and awaiting some creative cooking!


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