I Thought I Had Nothing To Say

Actually, that’s not true.  That’s never true.  I always have something to say.

No, my problem is not the lack of words; it’s not having the right words.  Or at least what I perceive to be the right words.

Let me explain.

Eep! And yet . . . I'm intrigued (insert devilish side-eye here).

Simple Squash Soup Ingredients

I started this blog with the intention of just having fun.  I thought I could use it to formalize some of my recipes, maybe share some crafting projects, post some pictures of happenings around my area, etc.  And then, that “thing” happened.  That “thing” that always happens as soon as I get the faintest whiff of affirmation: I stop thinking about having fun and start thinking about how to get more affirmation.*

And as soon as this happens** I become paralyzed with indecision because: “OMG what if I post something and no one says anything or notices?  That would be terrible!  But, wait, OMG, what if I post something and, even worse, someone doesn’t like it and says something negative?!*** OMG, I gotta come up with something good!  But what do people like?!  Do they like what I like?  Wait, what do I even like?  Does any of it even matter?  Why am I doing this again?  GAH!”

So, new blogging rule: this blog has an audience of one and it’s me.  And since it’s an audience of one, it doesn’t matter what I write.  I’m going to stop looking for what to write outside myself.  Time to look in, dammit.****

So, since my new goal is to be an audience of one, I’m going to give you a recipe for something that I would make for myself on any old night of any old week.  It’s nothing fancy and I probably wouldn’t make it for guests, but it has many of my favorite fall flavors along with some of the creamy goodness I require to make my belly happy.*****

Simple Squash Soup (makes 8 servings)

Roasted Butternut Squash

I love squash – a lot.


1 medium butternut squash, roasted and pureed

1 medium leek, white and tender green portions chopped

2 cloves garlic, minced

1 bunch Swiss chard

2 Tbs butter

4 cups chicken broth

1 cup whipping cream

salt & pepper to taste

It's beautiful

Swiss Chard

Prepare chard:  Wash chard well and remove stems from leaves, but don’t throw them away!  Chop the stems and leaves, but keep them separate for cooking.

Chard Stems, Leeks & Garlic

Chard Stems, Leeks & Garlic

Sauté vegetables: Melt butter in a lareg pot over medium heat.  Add leeks and garlic and cook until fragrant, about 2 minutes.   Add the chopped chard stems and continue cooking until everything is tender, about 5 more minutes.  Add chopped chard leaves and cook until wilted, about 1 minute.

Soup:  Raise heat to medium high and add a splash or two of chicken broth to deglaze the pan.  Add the rest of the broth and the pureed squash.  Cook until heated through, stir in whipping cream and serve.

Sorry it's so dark

Simple Squash Soup w Sausage

Notes: If you use rainbow chard, the soup will be a fun sherberty orange color.  Also, if you store leftovers, the solids will separate.  Just heat the soup back up and give it a stir, it will mix up again just fine.  I had my soup with some Amylu Apple Gouda Chicken Sausage******** chopped up and tossed in it.  Delish.

* There’s a whole hot mess of dysfunction encapsulated in that one sentence.  I keep trying to write something about this dynamic I see in myself, but I’m coming up short.  It’s probably better left for another post******, but let me just say this: I know that I do it and, as such, am able to rationally think myself out of it, which, I suppose is the whole point of this post and getting back to blogging.

** It doesn’t really “happen”, I mean, I totally do it to myself.

*** Here’s what’s crazy: I’m trying to meet the expectations of imaginary people that DON’T EVEN HAVE ANY EXPECTATIONS OF ME.  How stupid am I?

****Just to catch you up, here are some of the things I should have been writing about if I weren’t such a jackass: solo camping, Leelanau, Michigan craft beers, the best potato salad in the world, adventures in sewing for the bodacious, the delights of being naked in nature, taking up running, healing achilles tendonitis, learning to run properly, concord grape jelly, the best pizza in the universe, how much I love squash and the great material goods purge of 2012. Among other things.

***** Mememememememe!  Bwahahaha!*******

****** Or left entirely alone and never spoken of again.

*******OK, that felt good.

******** Just FYI, I don’t have any affiliate arrangements with Amylu or anyone else.  I buy Amylu products at Costco.


4 responses to “I Thought I Had Nothing To Say

  1. Yuuuuummmm! That bowl of soup looks totally guest worthy. Wish I was closer so you could cook for me once in a while (and I could get a break!) 🙂

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