Who is who?

Me at 2 yo or so

I was pretty cute.

Indiana Jayne is me.  Indiana Jayne is, of course, not my real name.  It’s more of an alter-ego.  See, when I was a little girl, one of favorite movie was Raiders of the Lost Ark.  I loved that movie so much I wanted to BE Indiana Jones.  You know when you are in school and your teacher makes you write and essay on what you want to be when you grow up?  I wrote mine on being an archaeologist, I kid you not.  I had a jump rope that I used as a lasso and a red wind breaker that was my leather bomber jacket.  I would braid my hair in two low pigtails and I would roam the woods behind my house looking for mystery and treasure.  Life was good until the a-hole neighbor boy told me girls couldn’t be Indiana Jones.


Anyway, I grew up and I forgot all about being Indiana Jayne – until recently that is.  I don’t know exactly when it was or precisely what set it off, but sometime in the last few years I started to remember how awesome she was.  Little by little I’ve been reclaiming the the belief that I can be anybody I want to be.  Somehow this blog is part of that process.

In his natural state: extreme comfort.

This is Mojo the beagle.  He pretty much that runs the house.  He provides me with BTUs (beagle thermal units).

Also known as  Sabit, Hobbit, Wahabit and Wasabi

In his natural state: shedding on my stuff






Sabi is the cat that I got as a companion for Mojo, which of course guaranteed that Mojo would care less about the cat.  Poor Sabi, he tries to make friends but the best Mojo can do is tolerate him. In his sadness, Sabi has taken to getting fat and plush.


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